MDF bathroom cabinet is generally modern and simple

MDF bathroom cabinet is actually a man-made board bathroom cabinet. The characteristics of this type of bathroom cabinet are introduced:

There are multi-layer solid wood panels pasted with veneer splicing, and generally multi-layer solid wood panels can meet the level of environmental protection requirements.

Also useful for high-density board (particle board) + melamine veneer.

There are also MDF with solid wood leather.

Multi-layer solid wood panels MDF, MDF, or MDF are generally more suitable for use in countries where dry and wet separation are used, and most of them are materials used only on exported bathroom cabinets.

There are two main components:


Face material

The base material determines its moisture resistance, and the surface material determines its decorative effect (that is, whether it looks good or not).

In fact, in modern style products, MDF material is the most used method. Because of the high degree of process freedom, the cost can be high or low, and the variety of styles, brands like toto, Roca, Duravit and other brands have a considerable proportion of mdf cabinets in the product structure.

Generally, you can choose bathroom cabinets of this material for modern and simple, Nordic, minimalist, muji Japanese styles and other styles.

Advantages, simple shape and easy processing.

A good finish will have a good texture. The cost is actually cheaper than solid wood.

There is also a wear-resistant textured board made of solid wood particle board as the base material. The surface is treated with a special process to prevent scratches, acid and alkali, and beautiful. There is a series of Housen bathroom cabinets that use this kind of board.

For more product information, please click here: modern bathroom cabinets.

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MDF bathroom cabinet is generally modern and simple
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