App Store Optimization + Ranking Factors

App Store Optimization + Ranking Factors

Over the last few decades, there has been a digital land grab for website domains, social media handles, and the limited space at the top of a search results page.In the last decade since the app store was first introduced, established businesses have competed with new businesses for an even smaller piece of screen real estate—mobile devices.To get more news about App Store Optimization, you can visit aso700.com official website.

Today, search engine optimization (SEO) is a standard practice for businesses. Why then, as mobile devices proliferate, should app store optimization be any different?

Learn how to optimize your app store listing to increase search visibility or jump to our infographic featuring actionable tips below.App store optimization, or ASO if you are hungry for more acronym soup, is the practice of attracting users to download an application based on the title, keywords, ratings, and other ranking factors.

App discovery continues to rely heavily on app store search and featured app results, which makes it more important than ever to show up at the top for related keyword searches.1
When you consider the number of apps across various devices and app stores, you see just how competitive the environment can be. This is why an effective app store optimization strategy is essential for mobile marketing teams to implement across all major app stores.

The App Store vs. Google Play
In addition to the different operating system related requirements, iOS and Android have starkly different user bases.

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App Store Optimization + Ranking Factors
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