Public Bike For Sale Supplier Introduces The Requirements For Riding On Rainy Days

Public Bike For Sale Supplier introduces 4 precautions for riding on rainy days:

1. Dress appropriately and keep warm.
It is important to keep warm when riding on rainy days, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. Needless to say, raincoats and rain boots are best. Brightly colored raincoats are not only rainproof, but also serve as a warning to ensure your safety. When cycling in autumn and winter, you can wear fleece and jackets that are easy to put on and take off. When facing the wind, wear a mask to prevent inhalation of too much cold air and cause throat discomfort. At the same time, pay attention to the warmth of the chest. Many friends who ride the Sichuan-Tibet line have encountered these problems. In addition, buy a pair of warm, waterproof and non-slip Gloves are also a good choice, and you should also bring waterproof glasses, waterproof backpacks, and helmets with rims.

2. Be careful when cornering.
On rainy days, slippery roads, sand, gravel, etc. will make tires slip, making cornering more dangerous. Therefore, brake in advance and pay attention to the position of other cyclists to prevent collisions and cause unnecessary injuries. When cornering, the upper body should be straighter and the speed of the car should be slowed down. car.

3. Avoid pumping cars when climbing hills.
If the climbing section is relatively steep (gradient 10%+), you must be careful not to pull the car to avoid slipping of the rear wheels, because the wet road will cause the friction of the rear wheels to become very small. At this time, you should try to keep sitting. Move the center of gravity back to increase the endurance of the rear wheels. At the same time, be careful of sand, gravel, and fallen leaves on the road.

4. Know the road conditions in advance.
It sounds simple, but we often forget these small and simple things. Before setting out, we must first understand the local road conditions, how long the uphill section is, how long the downhill section is, whether it is an oil road, a cement road or a gravel road , It is necessary to calculate the time, how long and how many miles you can ride, so as not to reach the destination after dark, this is very important for long-distance riders! At the same time, avoid places where there is water on the road, because there may be large pits or rocks underwater.

Through the above introduction,City Bicycle Price Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Public Bike For Sale Supplier Introduces The Requirements For Riding On Rainy Days
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