After getting the package back to the Guild Master

These OSRS Accounts are the sweepers of the military; they depart 3rd and may throw their weapons such as boomerangs... at the price of a distinctive Energy, Running Energy, and Prayer Points. These generally do not exit far from the foundation; they are provided with 5K of the majority of runes; they are also able to use a distinctive skill in the stadium were then can throw a spell 3-times, at the cost of a Prayer Ponts and the runes for 5 Casts.

These players cannot Bring any weapons to the war zone; they are given a boosted defense (20 Points), and it will not drain while on their throne; at adition they can not be contested, and can trade prayer points and run energy for health (There are just two Royalty, 1 male and female, these are like flags in capture the flag, and after both are murdered the game finishes.)

One of the most essential roles in the sport. They shield the King and Queen; they cannot bring magic and range equipment into the war zone, so they're granted a boosted attack and protection (20 Points), and it won't drain as long as they're in the living area; in adition that they can't be poisened, and can exchange their prayer points and operate electricity for Special Attack Energy.

The most significant role in both Saradomin and Zamorak teams, they are the only function that could do some harm to the royalty; they will leave 5 minutes to the round. They must evade each of the positions, sneak into the castle, and kill the Royalty; they are given 10 scrolls that will make them just visible to members of the group, they buy OSRS fire cape last for 10 seconds and drain between two and 20 Prayer Points.

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After getting the package back to the Guild Master
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