Exercise Therapy is A Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

Lack of exercise can be seen as one of the worst lifestyles for men today. A survey of people's physical fitness found that many people aged 30-40 years old have poorer cardiopulmonary function than those aged 50-60. 

Many diseases, especially chronic prostatitis, that are easy to appear only in the middle and old age have occurred widely in people around 30 years old, which should gain public attention.

There are many methods for chronic prostatitis treatment and rehabilitation, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can help to improve the male urogenital system and treat chronic prostatitis in a long-term treatment. As for the exercise therapy, it can be helpful as well.

In practice, it is found that exercise therapy, as a way of rehabilitation, is effective. Massive patients have pudendal ministry damp, and the lumbar knee is sour and soft, the spirit is depressed. They are advised to take exercise therapy,such as jogging or doing tai chi for about one hour one day or two day.

After three months, the results showed that the clinical symptoms of these patients had been significantly improved, especially the mental symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and dreaminess had been basically eliminated, and the uncomfortable symptoms of perineum and urination had also been basically eliminated. 

Compared with the previous treatment of patients with chronic aseptic prostatitis, the symptoms of the patients have been improved after adding physical exercise, achieving the same effect as the original simple use of Traditional Chinese medicine for about three months.

Additionally, it is emphasized that they should try aerobic exercise and avoid strenuous exercise. Because if the exercise is excessive, not only easy to cause sports injury, but also will have a negative impact on the physiological function of the body viscera; But if the amount of exercise is too little, although there is a fitness effect, also often do not have a better effect.

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Exercise Therapy is A Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis
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