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Make multiple advantages in interbeded lithology.

Raised bit stability for BHA move and vibration mitigation.

Greatly enhance cleaning and reduce balling.

Remarkable PDC cutter technology designed a terrific performance on impact energy resistance and abrasive resistance.

Dual strip cutter extend the aggressiveness as well as durability.

The FEA software for virtually every cutters distribution and layout made the drilling outstanding and reduce NPT.

Optimize the angle while in the cutter in both axial additionally radial by FBS(force steadiness analyze) software package creating stronger aggressive plus more durability with the touch.

DOC(depth of cutters) seemed to be calculated and optimized by the series experiences of your own bit, made the used vinyl fabric fabric penetrate the formations a great deal more rationally.

Effectively improve the stability and ROP using the bit by spiral chef's knife.
Soft to medium enhancement with lowcompressive strength, as well as medium softshale, medium weak limestone, medium softsandstone, provider formation with harder andabrasive interbeds, one of them is. A matrix body PDC touch with 5 curved sword with back-reaming and be free from hand gauge protection. Optimized Hydraulie design along with enhanced cleaing and cooling effects inside bits to prevent little from balling.
Since the establishment considering the company, the company might be holding thinking about “the development within the company should rely after ability. ” So we ask for many experts and technical personnel within the line of manufacturing rock 'n roll bits from many institutes. Our staff is really qualified and trained depending you can buy request.

Great attention is usually given to product fantastic and services, we often checks all work rounds, from product design for you to product delivery, not to aid mentions our caring post-sale guidance. Each cycle is strongly checked to fulfill Costumers’ wish and expectations. The various rock pieces with high cost efficiency we produced have been given a good reputation across the world.

With the more when compared with 10 years’ development tri-cone a new percentage and PDC bits production lines are equipped with advanced machineries which had been imported from USA. And we likewise have a handful of advanced inspection comforts. The corporation successively offers obtained ISO9001: 2000 across the world quality system certificate in addition API certificate. Now we now have become a uprising propane and gas rock forms manufacturer in China.

Everyone in your provider has the firmed check out and principal of offering the production as well as the ideal service. We choose to determine good friendship together with friends both apartment and also abroad in line pertaining to our common interest joined with the bright future.
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