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The fiber amplifier is often a new type of all-optical amp, which can directly enhance the optical signal without complicated processes such as photoelectric conversion, electro-optic conversion process and signal regeneration. As early as 1964, people began to study it. With this continuous development of working characteristics and manufacturing technology of low loss rare-earth-doped fiber, it was not made use of until 1986. Among these people, EDFA optical amplifier is an ideal amplifier regarding modern optical fiber communication system thanks to its many excellent attributes. EDFA optical amplifier includes four main applications, which are transmitter power amplifier, preamplifier, optical repeater plus optical access network node amplifier.
1. Used as an electrical amplifier for transmitters
Using EDFA as an electrical amplifier of the transmitter should be to connect EDFA to the actual output of transmitter to increase the output optical power thus to increase the optical electrical power of front fiber so as to extend the communication tranny distance.
2. Used for a pre-amplifier
For the preamplifier with the optical receiver, it is mostly required to have very low noise and high attain characteristics. The EDFA optical amplifier is simply characterized by low disturbance. It can be used since the pre-amplifier of the receiver to greatly enhance the sensitivity of the optical receiver.
3. Used as the optical repeater
EDFA is required to replace the standard optical/electrical/optical repeater to boost the optical signal in the optical fiber line specifically. This not only becomes aware all-optical communication, but furthermore solves the electronic bottleneck trouble of photoelectric exchange, which lays the foundation for the introduction of an all-optical network.
5. Used as a node amplifier while in the optical access network
While in the optical access network, because of the excessive number of distribution nodes, the distribution optical power signal will be reduced. Connecting EDFA while watching distribution node can enhance the optical power of your distribution node, so regarding improve the optical signal power of each one branch, and ultimately improve the transmission quality of the actual access network. 201911ld
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