ICU life support
Most patients receive some form of life support or life-sustaining treatment at the time of admission to the ICU. Life support is any kind of treatment that supports or even replaces the function of one or more of the body organs. Examples include medications to correct low blood pressure, mechanical ventilation, dialysis, or feeding by having a stomach tube.

All patients admitted on the ICU are asked in relation to their wishes regarding your life support and life-sustaining remedy. If your loved one has a “power of attorney” as well as “living will” document, please get copies so that you can easlily review them and attach them to the care chart.

When a patient is not able to tell us their chooses, we must rely around the substitute decision maker in order to communicate the patient’s aims, wishes, and beliefs.

Critically-ill patients often cannot speak regarding themselves, so we need to identify a substitute choice maker. The selection of an substitute decision maker is guided by the Health Care Consent Take action. A substitute decision maker is appointed in accordance with the following hierarchy:

Electric power of Attorney;
Spouse (married or living together inside a common-law relationship for a couple of year);
Parent or baby;
Siblings; and
Other loved ones
A substitute decision maker should be willing, available, and effective at taking on this duty. If the person identified isn't going to meet these criteria, we move down the list to recognize the more appropriate substitute decision maker. If a patient does not have a power of attorney for personal care or the ideal family member, a guardian is usually appointed by the the courtroom.
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ICU life support
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