The air layer fabric is a type of textile accessories. The pure cotton fabric is soaked in the chemical solution. After soaking, the surface with the fabric is covered by using countless extremely fine hairs. These fine hairs can form an incredibly thin air layer within the surface of the cloth.,There is another kind of two different fabrics stitched with each other, the gap in between can also be called air layer.
JUST ONE. The air layer leather mainly plays a factor in keeping warm. From the structural design, the interior, middle, and outer three-piece material structure is adopted to form an air interlayer within the fabric, which has the warmth retention effect.
The double-layer structure can be used in woven fabric, as well as a system of warp as well as weft is added between the leading and back warps and wefts to create a three-layer sandwich structure of inner, middle, and outer layers. The middle layer is made of good bulkiness and elasticity. A good filling yarn can form a layer of still air to help keep warm. The most common example is thermal under garment.
The knitted fabric provide weft-knitted double rib weave and warp-knitted spacer fabric. The warp-knitted spacer fabric is for a double-needle bed warp-knitting unit, which uses spacer yarns for connecting the upper and lessen surface layers together to create a sandwich structure. The spacer layer of the structure has large spaces, strong design, and has a great deal of room for development.
3. The air layer fabric won't produce wrinkles and might absorb liquid-the air core fabric adopts a three-layer system with large interspaces and also the surface is pure 100 % cotton fabric, so it features the effect of taking in water and locking waters.
Among the fabrics, the air layer is a common. Air layer materials incorporate polyester, polyester spandex, polyester organic cotton spandex, etc. We believe that surroundings layer fabrics will become increasingly more popular with consumers. Like sandwich mesh fabrics, more products work with it.
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