Another thing that gel batteries need to protect is heat

  Although AGM technology does improve the flexibility of the lead-acid field, it does not eliminate all defects and problems. In applications with vibrations or vibrations, the mat may eventually rub against the plate, resulting in damage.

  Although Sealed Gel Battery technology was originally conceived in the 1930s, it was not refined and commercialized until the 1980s. The electrolyte used in gel batteries is similar to silicone gel in composition and appearance. The gel internally enhances the structural integrity of the battery and keeps the lead plate and its active materials in place. The gel "sticks" to the plates-basically combining the plates and electrolyte into a whole, so if the device is subjected to shock or vibration, they will move in sync.

  A sealed Gel Battery has many advantages that make it suitable for many applications. First, just like their AGM counterparts, gel batteries do not require any maintenance. Due to the viscous and plasma-like properties of the electrolyte, even if the casing is broken, the possibility of leakage is very small. This means that the gel battery can be placed at any angle or position. In addition, these batteries have valves to eliminate overpressure.

  The sealed Gel Battery also has excellent shock and vibration resistance. There are no hydrogen emissions, which means you don't have to worry about placing them in a ventilated area while charging. In addition, because the gel units have excellent deep cycle capabilities, they also have higher discharge characteristics.

  In addition, unlike FLA batteries, gel batteries can be easily recovered even after a long period of discharge.

  Now that we have discussed the advantages of gel batteries, it is time to discuss their disadvantages-the price is ranked first. Compared with traditional flooded lead-acid batteries (or even AGM devices), the price of gel batteries is much higher. Their charging speed is also relatively slow. In addition, the charging needs to be stopped immediately after the charging is completed, because its electrolyte will create voids-which may cause the loss of charging capacity.

  Another thing that gel batteries need to protect is heat. The high temperature will negatively affect the saturation and composition of the electrolyte.

  Because of the many advantages they provide, gel batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications. The most common include solar storage, ventilators in sanitary facilities, and perhaps the most common: electric cars.

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Another thing that gel batteries need to protect is heat
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