Who Should Choose Endometriosis Surgical Treatment?

The remedy strategies are mainly divided into two categories: surgical procedure and drugs, which are comprehensively regarded in accordance with the patient's era, the degree of the condition, and whether you will find a virility requirement. The treatment should vary for every person. At present, laparoscopic diagnosis, surgical treatment, and drugs are considered as the standard solution for endometriosis. 

How to choose the treatment?

So which people need surgery? 

1.Virility protecting surgery

It is going to eliminate or damage all noticeable endometriosis lesions, individual adhesion parts, recover the regular anatomical construction, but retain uterus, one or both ovaries, at least part of ovarian tissues. It really is suitable for the sufferers with unresponsive symptoms, aggravation of local lesions, or no recuperation of reproductive functionality after medicine remedy.

Individuals with huge ovarian endometriosis cysts should choose surgical treatment. The recurrence rate is about 40Percent, so being pregnant or medicine needs to be utilized as soon as possible to reduce recurrence.

2.Functioning to protect ovarian functionality

It can remove the concentrate and uterus in the pelvic cavity and save at least one part or part of the ovary. It is appropriate for sufferers of phase III and IV, individuals under 45 yrs old with obvious signs and symptoms, without any virility specifications.

3. Major operation

This functioning will remove all ectopic endometrial lesions in the uterus, double appendages, and pelvis. It is actually ideal for severe individuals over 45 years old without estrogen dietary supplements after surgical procedure.


The recurrence rate of endometriosis after remedy depends upon the size of the main objective, the extent from the emphasis, the nature in the focus, and whether there are many concomitant ailments. Therefore, long-term management is needed.

The necessity for long-term management of individuals with endometriosis:

1. The etiology is unfamiliar, amongst which meridians countercurrent is quite common, which may get to 70% - 90%. Even if the lesion can be taken off completely inside the operation of endometriosis, it is inescapable for your affected person to be affected by unfavorable blood flow before menopause or after the operation without the need for medicines to inhibit the ovarian work.

It is just a matter of time before new endometrial implants result in the recurrence of endometriosis. For that reason, it will be an extended-phrase job to postpone or avoid the recurrence of endometriosis by utilizing medications to prevent ovarian functionality or minimize menstrual blood vessels quantity.

2. Endometriosis infiltrates and develops around like malignant tumors, even invades the intestine, genitals, ureter, and bladder, which are challenging to be completely eliminated.

3. The annual recurrence price of endometriosis is 10%, and the recurrence price of 5 years can reach 50%. Consequently, we can actively get herbal medicine Fuyan Pill right after the procedure to assist prevent the proliferation of left over lesions and get away from recurrence.

Fuyan Pill has got the effect of promoting blood circulation and getting rid of blood stasis, which has a excellent effect on reducing the pain and discomfort of sufferers. Additionally, its functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, strengthening the spleen and eliminating dampness have a particular influence on stopping postoperative adhesions, inhibiting the proliferation of residual lesions and reducing postoperative adhesions.

4. Endometriosis may cause canceration and endanger the life span of patients. The patients with postmenopausal recurrence, alter of pain rhythm, aggravation and persistence of dysmenorrhea, solid or papillary framework or rich blood circulation around the focus, and significantly increased serum CA125 should be wary of malignant transform.

Endometriosis also raises the incidence of breast malignancy and skin area melanoma. Therefore, in the management of endometriosis, long-term therapy should also pay attention to checking the relevant indicators.

Suggestions: Patients with endometriosis who have got a single operation to get rid of the ectopic emphasis and relapse right after the functioning are not advised to get another procedure. This is because two successive medical therapies are hard to estimate the harm towards the body. It is best to consider consolidated treatment soon enough right after the very first functioning, which could attain twice the end result with one half the effort.

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Who Should Choose Endometriosis Surgical Treatment?
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