Why is ceramic tile medium board more and more popular now

Decoration is a big torture. After buying a house, one of the biggest headache is decoration. First of all, the choice of ceramic tiles is enough to make them headache. Because there are too many kinds of ceramic tiles, which style of ceramic tile should be chosen has become the most concerned topic. Recently, more and more popular in the decoration tile board, then why is it popular?


With the fission of channels, the upgrading of the market and the constant changes of consumers, the types of ceramic tile styles will also change with these changes. Here we have to talk about the highly personalized post-90s and post-90s. Their vision is also different from that of their parents' generation. Therefore, in this regard, I believe that many ceramic tile manufacturers will also follow the changes of consumers to produce more ceramic tiles of their style.


2Advantages of ceramic tile medium plate


1. The tile body of the product is vitrified and has low water absorption. In the production process, the product is pressed by a relatively high tonnage press, and later fired for a long time;

2. The surface texture of ceramic tile is rich, and the texture effect is excellent. The process expression and surface printing process of ceramic tile medium plate products in glaze line can be performed in more complex ways;

4The difference between the middle plate of ceramic tile and the traditional one


1. The water absorption is different

The results show that the vitrification degree, density and damage resistance of the tile body are higher in the middle plate of ceramic tile. The traditional ceramic body is ceramic body, and high water absorption and low density of the tile body are the prominent characteristics of the traditional ceramic body. At the same time, the damage resistance of the traditional ceramic body is relatively low;

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Why is ceramic tile medium board more and more popular now
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