Introduce The Causes Of Casting Defects Of China Die Casting Factory

Now the development of China die casting factory is getting better and better, but there are also many problems. For example, in the process of die-casting, the lack of material for aluminum alloy die-casting is a relatively common problem, so what is the reason?

(1) The temperature of the barrel is too high and the volume changes greatly, especially the forehearth temperature. For plastics with poor fluidity, the temperature should be appropriately increased to ensure smoothness.

(2) The injection pressure, speed, back pressure is too low, and the injection time is too short so that the material volume or density is insufficient and the contraction pressure, the speed, the backpressure are too large, and the time is too long to cause flashing and contraction.

(3) The feeding amount means that the injection pressure is consumed when the cushion is too large, and the amount is insufficient when the cushion is too small.

Each aluminum die casting will have more or fewer problems, but the mistakes of experienced masters will be relatively less, so it still needs the experience to accumulate.

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Introduce The Causes Of Casting Defects Of China Die Casting Factory
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