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Composition Of Universal Joint Cross

As the "joint" part of the universal transmission of the automobile drive system, the role of the universal joint cross can be seen to be very large.

Ordinary cross-shaft universal joints are generally composed of two universal joint forks, cross shafts connected to them, needle bearings, axial positioning parts, and oil seals. The cross shaft journal is installed in the hole of the universal joint fork by matching with the needle bearing. To prevent the axial movement of the needle roller bearing, the axial positioning of the bearing should be taken when the structural scheme is designed. At present, the common axial positioning methods of needle roller bearings include cover plate type, snap ring type, plastic ring positioning type, and tile cover fixed type.

Moreover, we need regular maintenance and should always check the technical condition of the cross shaft bearing; when repairing, avoid the small boss of the fork-shaped flange semi-circular hole from getting stuck in the bottom groove of the bearing bowl; the U-shaped bolts should be tightened symmetrically according to the specified torque and checked frequently.

So it is still very troublesome, and maintenance-free bearings can save the trouble of maintenance.

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Composition Of Universal Joint Cross
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