A System More Compact Than A Conventional Transfer Press

A System More Compact Than A Conventional Transfer Press

The right automated press setup meets not only the requirements for today’s stamping jobs, but allows for flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow’s jobs.Transfer operations have been widely used in automated systems, however, since all forming processes are performed in one press, the transfer press must necessarily be large. Such Large size brings a number of concerns:To get more news about metal stamping manufacturers, you can visit tenral.com official website.

A transfer operation means major investment because of required accessories, such as floor scrap conveyors.
Because the press is large, a large pit is required, increasing the initial cost.
Large press size dictates high rigging and transportation costs.
Larger dies mean higher costs and more storage space.
Large press size makes changing the press layout difficult.
For stampers, remaining competitive requires them to make the right technology choices, to not only meet current job demands but also to have the infrastructure in place to support customers’ future requirements. Stampers can support ongoing growth and productivity by considering these primary elements when choosing new pressroom equipment:

Press equipment should be flexible and have the capability to produce a variety of parts. This type of versatility means pit-less on the shop floor and less overall capital equipment costs.
Press automation must be considered, to boost overall output.
In recent years, a flexible alternative automated transfer press system called ‘Compact High Speed Servo Tandem Line’ has begun attracting attention because it can compensate the conventional transfer press systems. The system was achieved by using a general-purpose servo press at each stage and linking these presses using high-speed transfer robots—enabling a newly designed platform for dedicated robot lines.

So, how does a compact high-speed servo tandem line achieve the ability to match the size of a large press? By arranging the small servo presses in tandem for each process, it is possible to optimize different processes at a time. In transfer processing, there are various forming processes such as drawing, bending, trimming, punching, and coining, to name a few; but in the compact servo tandem line, each process can be set independently and optimum slide motion can be achieved.

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A System More Compact Than A Conventional Transfer Press
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