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Elevate Your Dining Experience With a Luxury Dining Set In The Philippines


Experience fine dining in the comfort of your own home by decorating your dining area with Muebles Italiano’s high-quality dining sets in the Philippines. Enjoy your culinary dishes on pieces created with the skilled craftsmanship on a variety of exquisite materials. Show off your extensive collection of silverware and ceramic plates with high cabinets and showcases. Choose quality and elegance, choose Muebles Italiano!

Luxury Dining Tables and Chairs

Luxury dining tables are made to be comfortable and eye-catching. With Muebles Italiano, you are guaranteed the highest quality dining experience with long, wooden dining tables that can fit as many as 12 of your most cherished guests. One such dining table from Muebles Italiano’s Experience Collection is a Briarwood table, hand-carved with elegant designs and completed with a gold finish.

The matching chairs in this collection also showcase the perfect balance of style and comfort. The main frame of these chairs is made of shining brass, with the cushions crafted from the finest Italian leather. These all come together to create a cohesive look in your luxury dining area.

High Cabinets

A high cabinet and a showcase can further add to the grandeur of your home by featuring your finest dinnerware collection. The Cappelleti Salone Collection are large wooden pieces adorned with gold linings. It is divided into four cabinet spaces with four compartments found in each one. You could easily showcase your treasured glassware within the safety of this cabinet.

Avail of the most elegant dining experience with a luxury dining set from Muebles Italiano!

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Elevate Your Dining Experience With a Luxury Dining Set In The Philippines
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