A great way to start your anime reading is with a light novel

A great way to start your anime reading is with a light novel. There are several wonderful books out there that are full of superb anime art. I especially enjoy the ones that tell a story in a very dream-like way. Something about hearing MC's thoughts and dreams really gets me started. This type of story takes you to another world and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to discover.

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When I found Macabre Maiden, I knew I had found my new favorite anime series. This series takes you to a new world where you meet a girl who may seem ordinary, but has a demon lord living inside of her. I love this series so much because of the unique artwork and the great atmosphere created by the author, Takeshi Fuji. Mr. Fuji uses a lot of different colors in his artwork to create some really amazing scenes. This series is something you cannot miss if you are an anime lover. It is written by the famous Masamitsu Enomoto, who is also the main writer for Bleach.

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If you have never read Bleach or have not heard of it, I highly recommend you taking a chance and giving this series a try. If you like fantasy anime you will love this series. It is a superb example of how an author can take something that most people would consider to be rubbish and make it their own. There are a lot of very creative authors out there who are able to do that. Anime light novels give you that chance and more.anime light

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A great way to start your anime reading is with a light novel
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