What kind of plastic garden sprayer is best to use

  How does the plastic garden sprayer work?

  The plastic garden sprayer is essentially just a bucket with small holes on the top.

  You put paint or stains in the bucket and fill it up to the specified amount (usually leaving a small opening at the top to make the air pressure).

  Using the included manual piston, you can twitch the handle multiple times until you feel an increase in pressure.

  When doing this, the air is compressed inside the water tank, creating pressure and forcing the dirt into the nozzle.

  When in use, the pressure inside the container forces the stains to be ejected smoothly and evenly from the nozzle.

  Throughout the process, you may need to pump the sprayer occasionally to maintain pressure.

  Due to the design, they do not require any motor cables and are easy to carry and maintain without having to refill every two seconds.

  The plastic garden sprayer can produce high capacity, so it is very suitable for fouling fences.

  However, depending on the project, you can also consider using an airless sprayer

  These spray guns can provide high-pressure spray patterns and also have advantages in fence contamination.

  agricultural mist sprayer is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.

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What kind of plastic garden sprayer is best to use
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