RuneScape Adds Valentine's Quest This Week As Old School Version Continues Equipment Balance Plans

RuneScape is getting a busy week already, and RS Gold it is just Monday. Its main version is launch a brand new Valentine's Day-themed quest, while Old School RuneScape is still working through comments to its proposed gear balance changes.

RuneScape's Heartstealer quest kicks off this week, having gamers join an NPC called Caelyn at a heist to steal a"massive heart-shaped ruby" to procure a anniversary gift for Annette. While unquestionably a Valentine's Day flavored pursuit, it'll be available forever, so you needn't tackle the heist straight away. It is going to be accessible to anybody, no prerequisites needed, but individuals that have at least a level 20 Thieving ability can maintain a thieving XP Lamp following the pursuit. Old School RuneScape fans can continue to provide feedback on the projected Equipment Balance changes the developers have been proposing since late January. The most recent blog post puts forth some of he actual changes based on player feedback the staff has in mind to execute. The OSRS staff did caution that a number of the modifications will impact some players and assembles more than others, and they are speaking internally to find out ways to let these affected assembles to"keep in their current form, whilst trying to achieve the results [they are ] aiming for."

You can take a look at the full suggested changes, as well as the preceding versions of Buy RuneScape Gold this site discussion here. Furthermore, Jagex's CEO recently spoke in a meeting regarding his feelings around the acquisition of this RuneScape dev from The Carlyle Group and the way it impacts the studio moving ahead.

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RuneScape Adds Valentine's Quest This Week As Old School Version Continues Equipment Balance Plans
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