Features of Glass Tube Rotameter

  The Glass Tube Rotameter is a variable area flow meter that provides field accuracy in an easy-to-read instrument. The principle of operation is simple: the air flows through a vertical tapered tube and pushes a ball or float with a diameter slightly smaller than the smaller tube end.

  As the ball rises, the gap between the ball and the tube wall increases.

  When the diameter of the tube is large enough to allow total air to flow through the ball, the ball will standstill. Determine the flow rate by noting the scale engraved on the tube at the position of the stability ball. An important feature of the SKC double ball rotor flowmeter is the use of two floating balls: one bright (black ball) indicates low flow, and one heavy (white ball) indicates high flow.

  Read the black ball until it exceeds the scale, and then read the white ball. In a single Glass Tube Rotameter, two floats can provide the widest flow range with the highest accuracy. In the shorter rotameter, the effective reading scale length of the two floats is about 12 inches.

  Note: Low flow rotameter can only be used with a non-pulsation pump.


  Accurate measurement

  Wide flow range

  Easy-to-read scale

  low cost

  Application areas:

  Low-flow and high-flow air samplers

  Gas analyzer

  Chromatography system

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Features of Glass Tube Rotameter
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