Headphone Jack Repair Service​

Headphone Jack Repair Service

A headphone jack is a part of phones and other devices that allows us to connect our headphones with our device so that we can hear music and other sounds. It is a round-shaped connector in every phone. Your headphone jack can have issues and it will stop working. A question that arises mostly on our sites by our customers is that why my headphone jack is not working? The simple answer to this question is, check your headphones if they are working properly or not. It’s possible that nothing is wrong with your phone but the headphones are the problem. Then check if your phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices, this also makes it hard for your device to recognize your headphone set. Another thing is to clean your headphone jack because dirt can block the way of your headphone set connection. If all of these don’t work then just call a headphone jack repair service in your area.

Contact Wireless America and we will help you in repairing your headphone jack. We have a professional headphone jack repair service team that is knowledgeable and know everything about the headphone jack. Just call Wireless America and or come to our store. Give us your device and our headphone jack repair service technicians will fully observe your device. They will connect your headphone with other devices to check if the problem is with your headphones or your headphone jack. Then our technicians will disconnect all the Bluetooth devices that are paired with your device. Wireless America technician will clean the headphone jack

and if it still doesn’t work. Our technician will open your phone and will start his headphone jack repair service. If the headphone jack is fully damaged and can’t be repaired then our technician will replace it with the brand new one. Wireless America guarantees you that we use all the genuine parts in our headphone jack repair service.

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Headphone Jack Repair Service​
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