Your Poor Sperm Indicates Potential Problems

Poor sperm activity, known as asthenospermia, may lead to male infertility. As is known to all, the healthy sperm can make sure a natural fertilization and successful delivery. If a male have poor sperm activity, it will impact both the male physical health and fertility.


There are three problems that deserve your attention if you have been diagnosed with poor sperm activity.


Abnormal semen liquefaction


Abnormal semen liquefaction is a very common factor related to the poor sperm activity. In the seminal plasma with abnormal semen liquefaction, elongated fibrin can be detected tangled with each other, so that the activity room for the sperm will be greatly limited.

When the activity is limited or restrained, it will give rise to mechanical limitation of sperm forward movement and the breakout of poor sperm activity. The common abnormal semen liquefaction includes insufficient semen liquefaction or semen non-liquefaction.


Inflammatory problems


Inflammatory problems in the human body can give rise to poor sperm activity as well, such as chronic epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis. These problems can greatly decrease the motility of sperm, while increase the hydrodynamic resistance of sperm forward movement, giving rise to the reduction of sperm's ability to penetrate egg cell, or leading to toxic effect on sperm directly, triggering sperm membrane problems or even membrane structure problems.


Immune problems


For example, anti-sperm antibodies can impact the fertilizing ability of sperm in varying ways, giving rise to the sperm motility disorders and influencing their motility and penetration.


Usually, the sperm quality have a great association with the success rate of pregnancy. In recent years, many male suffers have abnormal sperm problem like asthenospermia, oligospermia, or incomplete semen liquefaction.


As long as these are detected to be invited by inflammatory factors, they are often suggested to use the natural measures, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to make a complete treatment.


By contract with chemical medicine, this pill has many advantages with safety and without any side effects, since most of the medicinal materials are taken from natural plants and harmless to the human body and the surroundings.


Furthermore, herbs always feature a certain synergistic effect, which can counteract other toxic effects and enhance the human body healing ability to  a certain degrees. For inflammations like prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, this medication is a good choice for sure.

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Your Poor Sperm Indicates Potential Problems
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