What are the Ways to Prevent Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease, like cervicitis and vaginitis, is a common gynecological disease in ladies. Once a lady friend is afflicted with this disease, the woman usually suffers from lumbar ache, a feeling of dropping in private during menstruation, and usually worsens after low energy, intercourse and before and after menstruation. And there are generally complications just like irregular menstruation, sterility, pelvic effusion, hydrosalpinx and so forth. Hence, how to prevent pelvic inflammation?

1. When the sufferer has chronic pelvic inflammation or an abdominal mass, then the holistic treatment Fuyan Pill could be used to treat it appropriately. This medicine provides the effects of getting rid of the infection, killing bacteria, activating blood circulation and getting rid of blood stasis, softening firm and dispersing knots, clearing heat and detoxifying toxins and warming the palace and dispelling cold.

2. Complete a good job of contraception, decrease the injury of induced abortion. In the act of operation, strict adherence to aseptic operation, lest pathogens invade the reproductive system.

3. Do an excellent job in dietary care. To begin with, we should strengthen nutrition. During a fever, we ought to eat some light and digestible foods. For those individuals with higher fever, we can think about letting her drink some pear juice or apple juice, watermelon juice, etc. But we can't drink it after freezing. For those patients with excessive leucorrhea and thick texture, we should strictly prohibit eating oily and spicy food. 

For patients with abdominal pain and soreness, they can eat some warm food such as ginger soup, brown sugar water, and cinnamon; for patients with upset heat and low back pain, they should eat high-protein food such as eggs and meat, which plays a role in nourishing and strengthening their health.

4. Don't take antibiotics without authorization. A few patients with chronic pelvic inflammation, as soon as they experience not comfortable, they will take antibiotics without authorization. In the long run, there may be vaginal flora conditions, resulting in elevated vaginal secretions. They ought to visit the medical facility to see a health care provider leave out the potential of mycotic vaginitis.


5. Remove an array of infections. Maintain your perineum clean and dry, clean the vulva with clean water every night, remember not to wash the vagina with hands, nor wash the vulva with hot water, soap, etc. Furthermore, change the underwear often, with no putting on small, chemical substance fiber underwear.

6. Observe the quantity, quality, color, and taste of leucorrhea. Those that have a lot of leucorrhea, thick yellow-colored color, and foul odor reveal that the illness can be really serious. Such as, the leucorrhea converts from yellow to white (or light yellow), the volume changes from varied too much less, and the taste tends to normal (slightly sour) implying that this disease has increased.

To sum up, when females earnestly do the above details, they are able to prevent pelvic inflammation in time and correctly, strangle pelvic inflammation in the "cradle", to prevent it before it will happen and turn out to be a healthful and confident gorgeous female. When females find signs of this disease in their daily lives, they must go to the hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment.

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What are the Ways to Prevent Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
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