pharma wholesaler in India

Our manufacturing facility of online ayurvedic pharmacy is built on the exact guidelines of WHO-GMP.

Our wrkforce is highly talented, which makes this company strongly in the area of Ayurveda.

 We are launching thousaonds of medicines and other products in India since 1986.

Moreover, our lab has a multi-specialty division. They include general practitioners, surgeons, cardiologists, orthopedics, gastroenterologists, gynaecologists, consulting physicians, and nephrologists.


Our pharmacy division

The parent company Marc Lab is India’s well-established medicine manufacturer. We have strongly developed in the field of pharmaceuticals since 1986. Our manufacturing facility is well operational through the latest automatic plant. Their medicines are manufacturing through high-speed machines. Tablets, Liquid Orals, Dry Syrups, Capsules, Aseptic Solid and Liquid preparations, and Sachets are continuously manufacturing by our factories.

Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing for MarcCure online store brings Ayurveda to people’s welfare. We have developed several potential ayurvedic medicines like Imunotop-H, URO-5, herbal Inhale Easy spray, Liver Syrup, G-DON, Everose, Andox plus, etc. To develop some highly effective medicines, we are working with CSIR too. Our products are well researched and manufactured in a controlled environment, and delivered to you after clinical trials. Many ayurvedic medicines are in the development and will be listed in MarcCure as soon as possible.

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For more Query: [email protected]

Visit Us: www.marccure.com




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pharma wholesaler in India
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