The Cause Of Female Infertility -- Endometriosis

In terms of goddesses, many people may think of The most famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, who was the dream lover of countless men and is still mentioned from time to time today.


However, Monroe's marriage was not smooth, and with all but her first husband it was short-lived, only a year or so. The media speculated that Monroe's failed marriage was due to her loose private life, and suggested that it may have had something to do with her gynecological problems.


Monroe is said to have married playwright Arthur Miller for the third time. Monroe became pregnant shortly after her marriage, but suffered a miscarriage when she developed endometriosis, a gynecologic condition that causes severe pelvic pain and cramps.


What was the endometriosis that cost Marilyn Monroe her motherhood? It simply refers to the endometrial tissue "escape" to the location outside the uterus, growth in the uterine cavity and myometrium outside the site, the most common site of the ectopic endometrium is the ovary, rectum, vaginal wall, cesarean section wound, etc., this is a common gynecological disease of women, mostly in women of the right age to give birth.


Treatment of endometriosis, mainly by drug therapy and surgical treatment. Drug treatment in order to inhibit the development of endometriosis, improve menstrual dysmenorrhea symptoms. Such as Fuyan Pill, which is a herbal medicine from traditional Chinese medicine.


Generally speaking, surgical treatment is mainly based on the removal of the lesion, generally there are two kinds, one is direct incision from the lower abdomen with a knife, the other is to do minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery. It should be noted that endometriosis may recur after surgery, and medication should be used as adjuvant therapy under the guidance of a doctor.


Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe didn't live in a time of high medical care. If she lived in the modern age, there might be a solution. Since ancient times, gynecological diseases such as endometriosis have always plagued women.


Fortunately, with the development of technology, there are more and more ways to deal with it. Women can also become pregnant through IVF to realize their wish of becoming a mother. You see, there is always a method for you, so dont loss hope and strive to find your way out.


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The Cause Of Female Infertility -- Endometriosis
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