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How is the embroidery version of the computerized embroidery machine produced?

The production of high-quality embroidery products not only requires a high-quality single head embroidery machine but also high-quality embroidery pattern-making technology.

First of all, the embroidery pattern design needs an artistic and experienced excellent embroidery pattern designer to complete. Need to have the best embroidery software based on vector embroidery technology, and have certain requirements for the accuracy of embroidery machine equipment, and also need to have a certain understanding of fabric structure shrinkage and auxiliary materials, so that the quality of the produced embroidery can be considered high-quality.

So how did the embroidered belt come from? This is after the embroidery pattern designer obtains the creative map, the embroidery pattern the designer will then make a stitch pattern on the pattern-making software and finally, get the Tajima DST format tape file.

The high-quality embroidery pattern belt comes from the hands of excellent embroidery pattern-making designers. A high-quality embroidery pattern belt is a good start to embroider high-quality embroidery. Only a high-quality pattern belt design can make us more effective in production. Easily make exquisite and beautiful embroidery works, so the embroidered belt is the soul of embroidery.

If you want to know more about taping embroidery machines, you can consult Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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How is the embroidery version of the computerized embroidery machine produced?
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