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China Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Use Knowledge Of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

Aluminum  alloy dies castings have certain applications in the automotive, electronics,  home appliances, and communications industries. People are constantly improving  this product in various aspects, but people find it difficult to electroplate  this product. Next,China Die Casting Supplier will  introduce why aluminum alloy die castings can not be electroplated.

When  electroplating aluminum alloy die-casting, it is necessary to have a good bond  between the plating layer and the product itself, but we all know that there is  an extremely fine oxide film on the surface of the aluminum material. Even if  this oxide film is removed, it will be very strong. Quickly produce new ones in  a short time. This layer of film severely blocks the combination of plating and  aluminum, which is the first reason why it is difficult to electroplating.  Secondly, the electrode potential of aluminum is very negative. When the  electroplating solution is ready to be immersed, it is very easy to exchange  positions with metal ions with a more positive potential, which will also affect  the binding force of the coating. Aluminum is an amphoteric metal, which is  easily soluble in acid and alkali solutions. It is not stable in these two types  of electroplating solutions, and it is difficult to realize  electroplating.

Finally,  if there are pores and sand holes on the aluminum alloy die casting, it will  cause a part of the plating solution and hydrogen to remain, prone to bubbling,  and will also reduce the bonding force between the plating layer and the base  metal, making the surface of the casting difficult to be successfully  electroplated.

Through  the above introduction, Aluminum Die Casting Factory hopes  that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future  use.

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China Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Use Knowledge Of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings
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