Expand quickly by developing a Video Streaming App like YouTube

YouTube is a famous video-sharing platform controlled and managed by Google. It came to light in the market in February 2005. Both individuals and businesses can share videos instantly on the platform to a vast global audience. It is available in more than 100 countries in 80 different languages.

Some of the latest news related to YouTube is 

  • YouTube is planning to bring a feature for automatic deduction of products - in the videos shared on its platform. It will appear in between the recommended videos and help users to explore new videos easily. 

  • YouTube is aggressively promoting “Shorts” - in the USA where users can create and upload 15-second vertical videos. It includes additional options like video editing, audio remixing, and exclusive access to 250 different music labels.

  • The platform is offering more incentives for content creators - by increasing their earnings through smart keyword placement and by running paid ads on their videos to maximize their reach.

Establishing a top-notch video streaming app like YouTube requires entrepreneurs to have a solid knowledge of the market trends and incur a large investment.

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Expand quickly by developing a Video Streaming App like YouTube
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