Binding Financial Agreement

One thing for sure. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes they’re not the kind of surprises we want! We might not be able to change your circumstances, but we can help you navigate the family law and make the best decisions according to your obligations and rights. We try to include as much news as possible relevant and helpful for our Gold Coast and Logan clients.

Protection orders are a type of family law as they’re mostly required in cases of domestic violence. In numerous cases of domestic violence, the situation gets worse to such an extent where the victim may suffer physical harm. In such cases, the victim can file a restraining order. The period of the restraining order is totally dependent on the circumstances. If the aggressor still physically harms the victim, the person can get arrested for the same.

"Advance Family Law" is a specialist family law firm in Logan that provides the best lawyers to give you the best advice and guidance through a legal process. With a combined experience of four decades, the lawyers of the firm can help you with legal matters regarding property disputes.

You can visit https://advancefamilylaw.com/ to know more about them and their services.


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Binding Financial Agreement
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