How To File A Saw Chain From Chain Saw Manufacturer

Does the chain saw  manufacturer tell you how to file a saw chain?

For best filing results, we recommend using Husqvarna filing  gauges. Try to file as little material as possible.

First find the shortest cutting saw. All cutting saws should be  filed to match the length of the shortest cutting saw.

Place the filing gauge on the saw chain. The arrow on the filing  gauge should point in the direction of rotation of the saw chain (toward the  front wheel). Make sure that the filing gauge is in contact with the saw  chain.

Use a round file. Place the file on the file gauge at a  90° angle to the roller. File  with both hands. The file should rest on the two rollers. File the serrations  smoothly away from you.

Now keep filing every other tooth. File each tooth to sharpen it.  Note that the length of all saw teeth should be equal.

After filing all the teeth on one side, loosen the pliers and  install the guide plate from the other direction. Then sharpen the teeth in the  same way from the opposite direction.

Whether it is a hand-held electric saw or a telescopic pole  saw, there are chain saws, and the maintenance of the chain saw is  very important for work efficiency.

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How To File A Saw Chain From Chain Saw Manufacturer
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