Although Various Sizes Are Available, All O-rings Have The Same Shape

  O-rings and gaskets from Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers are commonly used to form a sealed mating surface between two or more components. They are found in everything from machines and electric motors to sanitary equipment and natural gas pipelines.

  When connecting multiple components together, you can install O-rings or gaskets where they meet. Once installed, the corresponding components will seal these components to prevent them from leaking. Although both O-rings and gaskets provide a sealed mating surface, they are not necessarily the same.

  What is an O-ring?

  O-ring also called packing joint, is a mechanical seal made of round elastic material. They are designed to create a pressure-resistant sealing mating surface. In fact, some O-rings can withstand pressures in excess of 5,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Even with great pressure, the O-ring will maintain its integrity while preventing liquid, gas, or air from escaping the corresponding components using them.

  Although various sizes are available, all O-rings have the same shape. They consist of a ring of elastic material with a hollow center. This circular shape allows O-rings to be fitted on cylindrical components such as pipes and hoses.

  What is a gasket?

  The gasket is a mechanical seal composed of a flat piece of material. By definition, O-rings are technically washers, but not all washers are O-rings. The O-ring is only made of elastomer material, and the resulting elastic texture can stretch and restore its natural shape and size without breaking. On the other hand, the gasket can be made of any material. Some gaskets are made of elastomeric materials. However, others are made of harder materials such as metal. For example, most automobile engine cylinder head metal gaskets are located between the cylinder head and the engine block. This is our Spiral Wound Gaskets For Sale.


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Although Various Sizes Are Available, All O-rings Have The Same Shape
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