I have been thinking along those lines, also

I have been thinking along those lines, also. Just ready for something new. I've been attempting to catch a PS5 or an Xbox collection X for a couple months (no luck so far). I'll still keep my Shift round to Animal Crossing Items whenever BOTW2 comes out or maybe Odyssey 2 or some other very exciting matches, but I am really excited to branch out a little and try out these Netflix-style game library streaming items. I think that it's where gambling is headed and it's actually consumer friendly.

(FWIW, I think Nintendo is like 30 percent of the way there with their NES and SNES libraries. When they added N64 and Gamecube, and keep fleshing out the collections, plus add in certain current-gen names, it would be a pretty competitive service... but that is a very long way away, if they ever get it done...)

Just like you mention, I'm also really sick of paying $60 for a 10-15 hour game. And I have a fantastic job and wages and work full-time. It still feels like too much.

If a match takes longer than that then the odds of me actually completing it crash. I work full time and have a pretty shitty schedule so I can only just game on the weekends most of the time.

I have also found that devs throw at a lot of useless filler crap or they inflate the difficulty of this game so it takes more because they know they'll face backlash if it's too short. I truly hate feeling as if my time has been wasted.

Games that are 10 hours or less are ideal. I will gladly spend $60 on a 8-10 hour match that is concise and does not waste my time.

There's a couple twitter accounts/subreddits you may follow to have upgrades on PS5 restocks! You may already know about them but I figure it's worth throwing out there in case you don't - that's how I got mine

You're right though, the switch is currently very much something that's just good on event. In a perfect world Nintendo will be investing in fresh party content to where they're dropping a new game (or even a port provided that it is not $60) every couple months but. . That Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket does not occur. Even a gamecube library as if you said would knock my socks off.

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I have been thinking along those lines, also
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