Tips For Buying a Dishwasher

Before the days of the dishwasher, everyone cleaned their dishes by hand.  A lot of people still do it, but dishwashers are quickly becoming common household appliances with new homes, and often the installation of a new dishwasher is a key component to selling your house.  There are many different types of dishwashers out there and they range in quality and function, just like any other major appliance.  There are also many different manufacturers - even electronics companies known for cell phones and TVs like Samsung and LG are producing them - so finding a dishwasher can be an arduous experience.  There's a lot to consider when you buy a dishwasher, so here are some handy tips.


The first thing you should consider is the size of the dishwasher.  Apart from the actual dimensions, you need to think about the capacity.  The standard sizes are 18" and 24"; usually an 18" washer is suitable for a small family - usually 2-3 people.  However if you have a larger family, or are planning on it, a 24" dishwasher is recommended.  You still need to consider the size of your kitchen, so in the end the space available to you may determine what size dishwasher you can install.


Of course, size alone isn't the only reason for the hard decisions when buying a dishwasher.  There are different types which are suitable for different situations.  For instance, there are the more familiar built-in dishwashers, but there are also counter-top and portable dishwashers available https://mrfindfix.com/blog/errors/dishwasher/samsung-dishwasher-error-code-9e/.  For a very small kitchen these latter options, but even modest-sized kitchens are able to fit built-in dishwashers.  Another consideration is whether you rent or own your home; if you rent, even with a large kitchen, it may be worth your money to get a portable or counter-top dishwasher.

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Tips For Buying a Dishwasher
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