Computer embroidery becomes a combination of art and technology

The towel embroidery machine is mainly used to embroider logos on clothes. Some irreplaceable embroidery can be embroidered from the embroidery machine. Most brands use embroidery to embroider logos on clothes.

The embroidery itself is a kind of art, but that kind of art slowly changed its meaning after the emergence of later embroidery machines. Computer embroidery itself has become a product of the combination of art, technology and technology.

Computer embroidery has the function of intelligent filling of carved holes and the function of custom tatami patterns. The density and width can be adjusted accurately regardless of the patterns created by the system or foreign patterns. It has a high-definition scanning input function, which greatly facilitates the input program. It has the functions of automatic scrolling and calibration, editing functions of single needle, block, color change, etc. and a complete sample system.

It has a friendly user interface, a pleasing screen working environment and the ability to switch between Chinese and English. With a flexible system configuration method, the corresponding software and hardware can be configured according to the needs of users.

Because before there was a computer, the embroidery was handled manually by the embroiderer who looked at the pictures, and there was a drawback that the embroidery could not be unified. Since the combination of computer and embroidery machinery, the problem of inconsistent embroidery products has been greatly solved, and labor costs have also been greatly reduced.

Because the small home computerized embroidery machine has perfect functions, high work efficiency, and compactness and lightness, more and more people like such computerized embroidery machine. In the past, manual embroidery was time-consuming and laborious. After the computerized embroidery machine, not only the quality did not decrease, but the efficiency of embroidery increased exponentially. With the rapid development of technology, I believe that computerized embroidery technology will become more and more sophisticated.

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Computer embroidery becomes a combination of art and technology
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