Penis Hurt May Be Related to the Six Causes

Men's penile discomfort during sexual activity is due to many reasons. Sometimes pain happens occasionally, but it can also be prolonged. Regardless, fantastic focus should be paid out to penile soreness, which not merely has an effect on your sexual life but can also be a precursor of disease. So in order to find out the cause of pain, sufferers should proceed to the medical center as soon as possible for remedy when there are a few signs.


Why would men have pain when they have sexual activity?

1. Not enough lubrication

When having sex, if the vagina of any woman is not fully lubricated, and the guy forcibly inserts the genitals. Currently, the penis is vulnerable to friction soreness, and even trigger foreskin laceration, and ladies will really feel uneasy. Additionally, when sexual intercourse happens, pain might also take place due to women's small vaginal area, insufficient intimate experience, or perhaps the power of sexual activity is just too powerful.

2. Discomfort during erection

It is mainly brought on by the lack of prepuce or narrowing from the prepuce if you have redundant prepuce. The frenulum in the prepuce is the epidermis connecting the glans and also the urethra below the glans. Once the male organ is erectile, when the foreskin is simply too short, the glans is going to be pulled, resulting in penile curvature and excessive pain.

When there is a unnecessary prepuce, the penis or glans will be compressed when the penis erects. Otherwise repositioned soon enough, serious prepuce edema as well as extreme prepuce will happen.

3. Inflamed Infection

Usually, discomfort fails to appear in the penis. When discomfort takes place, it is actually thought to be brought on by irritation in the penile cavernous body or infection of the foreskin or glans.

4. Frequent Sexual intercourse

Penile discomfort after sexual intercourse could be linked to repeated intimate action and intensive sexual activity. In addition, the symptoms of prostate hyperemia are certainly not ruled out, if accompanied by urination pain, excellent interest ought to be paid awareness of.

5. Prostatitis

Prostatitis often causes penile soreness. It may be brought on by infection or discomfort of the penis. If males are infected, they want appropriate treatment. Individuals will take Chinese natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and it has the impact of activating blood circulation and getting rid of blood sterilization, stasis and decreasing swelling, it may relieve the pain and discomfort of sufferers, but also can fundamentally treat prostatitis. Additionally, you can sleep enough to ease signs and symptoms.

6. Connective tissue proliferative diseases

This happens between the two layers from the penile cavernous fascia. It is actually more prevalent in middle-aged males and will be touched by several ropes around the back or basic of the penis. It is an elliptical hardening, the dimensions of it is actually as huge as mung beans or peanuts. There is no soreness within the penis at ordinary times, but local soreness from time to time takes place when erecting.

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Penis Hurt May Be Related to the Six Causes
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