How to identify a good mask?

Some time ago, due to the shortage of masks, many people bought fake masks. Therefore, there are many ways to distinguish the authenticity of the mask on the Internet. Some people say that what cannot be burned is the real mask. Some people say that the real mask is not revealed. This is a real mask and it is difficult to breathe. But is it true to distinguish the authenticity of masks?

The answer is that the above method is unscientific. To truly distinguish whether the mask product has protective performance, it is mainly to verify the filtering performance of the mask. Now, I will teach you some more scientific methods to identify the performance of masks.

1. First let the smoker smoke, then hold it in the mouth, then quickly cover the mouth with a mask (medical respirator company), and then blow the smoke away. The less smoke from the outer layer of the mask, the better the filtering performance of the mask. Of course, the respiratory resistance must be evaluated at the same time. If the mask emits less smoke, the breathing will be smoother, indicating that the filtering performance of the mask is very good. However, if there is little smoke, but breathing is difficult, it means that the breathing resistance of the mask is too large, so it is not a good mask.

2. Although some masks are thin and look like fake masks (hospital mask factory), their filtering performance may be better than most masks. Therefore, the quality of the mask cannot be evaluated only from its appearance.

3. Comparing the implementation standards, you can see from the previous masks (ear-hook mask manufacturers) that the standard is not that medical masks have a good protective effect, but depends on the implementation standards for good performance comparison. But this is not to say that the implementation standards on the mask packaging box are good references. You need to view the comparison of the test reports. Of course, these are not omnipotent. After all, the entire membrane market is so chaotic. The supply of mask manufacturers is unstable. The quality of the masks produced varies greatly. Even though all qualifications have been completed, there are problems due to the materials provided. , Resulting in large differences in the quality of the actual masks produced, and many substandard products will be mixed. Therefore, consumers can make a subjective assessment based on the recommendations in Article 1.

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How to identify a good mask?
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