Where is the core competitiveness of printing companies in the future?

As environmental protection slogans continue to sound around the world, people deeply understand that the importance of environmental protection to human survival and sustainable development cannot be ignored. Therefore, vigorously launching green projects, developing green products, and adapting to environmental protection requirements are already urgent tasks. With the emergence of various green products, better green packaging and more suitable green printing materials and corresponding printing methods are inevitably required.

XHYT series economical stacked flexographic printing machine (1 color ~ 12 colors can be customized)

Flexographic printing is a more environmentally friendly printing method. With the maturity of technology and the prevalence of environmental protection concepts, flexographic printing has just adapted to the needs of this era and has increasingly become the preferred green printing process at home and abroad. As far as the current market is concerned, printing equipment is still the key point that affects the development of printing enterprises. In terms of the current demand for equipment in the printing industry, for the printing process, flexographic printing equipment has gradually replaced mechanical axis gravure printing equipment, and the application of flexographic printing will have a long-term development in China.

What are the advantages of flexographic printing machines?

At present, flexographic printing is considered to be a more environmentally friendly printing method. Among the flexographic printing models, the satellite flexographic printing machine is the most important machine. The satellite flexographic printing machine is most commonly used in foreign countries. I will briefly introduce its features to everyone.

High-precision satellite flexographic printing machine

The main features of satellite flexographic printing machine are high register accuracy, stable mechanical action, strong adaptability of printing materials, simple operation, economical and durable, simple maintenance, uniform ink application, strong mechanical stability, long service life, etc. Wait. From the structural point of view, the satellite flexographic printing machine has a simple structure, which is not only very convenient to operate, but also has good printing quality and is easy to maintain. In addition, the satellite flexographic printing equipment has high overprinting accuracy.

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Where is the core competitiveness of printing companies in the future?
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