Optimization of stainless steel seamless pipe inspection process

The inspection of intermediate products in the process of making stainless steel seamless steel pipes is the key to controlling the quality of finished pipes, especially the surface quality of the inner wall. We must pay attention to grasping from the source.

First of all, we must establish reasonable and effective inspection and handling procedures to ensure that existing problems can be found and the problems found can be effectively dealt with.

Taking waste pipes as an example shot blasting, pickling, and passivation is generally used to remove the indicated oxides and reach the inspection state. In order to determine whether the defects are cleaned up, if necessary, a combination of color inspection, reheating and pickling is required, so as to effectively ensure that the defective intermediate products will not flow into the next process.

Secondly, it needs to be equipped with sufficient and effective inspection equipment. Such as endoscopes, thickness gauges, bright flashlights, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to establish an effective defect feedback system to analyze and count the defects generated in a timely manner, such as defect category, generation stage, generation frequency, and treatment the method, so as to analyze the cause of the defect in time and guide to remove it according to a unified process. defect.

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Optimization of stainless steel seamless pipe inspection process
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