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Printing is indispensable in life and work

Printing is indispensable in life and work. The patterns that can be seen everywhere are basically completed by printing. China has been baptized in the past thousand years and cultural inheritance and innovative development. Only now have printing equipment such as digital printers and multifunctional printers born.

Digital printing machine is a new type of printing equipment that combines traditional printing technology and digital technology. Digital printing is to print computer files directly on clothing, leather, paper and other media, simplifying the cumbersome traditional printing process and realizing one It has the advantages of Zhang Qi printing, no plate making, ready-to-go, printing on demand, etc. This shows that the future development potential of digital printing presses is huge.

The digital printing machine has the advantages of low investment, extremely low printing cost, optional printing size, high printing quality, small space occupation, few operators and extremely low operating cost, and the choice of printing material type and thickness is large, which has great investment advantages. Coupled with professional digital printing inks, the colors can be saturated and gorgeous, the color gamut is wide, and the transition is good, far exceeding the traditional printing effect.

The digital printer can print any material, including leather, metal, acrylic, PC/PE/PP/PBT/PVC plastic material, glass crystal, plexiglass, KT board, ceramic tile and other materials, even stone, shell, board , Bamboo crafts, mobile phones, cups, lighters, keys, stationery, notebook computers, crystal badges, smart cards, business cards, etc., are used in all walks of life.

Application areas of digital printing machines:

Personalized market: Print your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and text on the product to get rid of the product's cookie-cutter appearance.

Advertising and signage market: high-quality, high-priced, small and medium-volume advertising and signage full-color printing production, which is difficult to achieve with traditional printing technology.

Professional proofing: One-time molding does not require plate making, some materials can be used repeatedly, and the cost is low; it can be directly typeset, modified, and produced in the computer digital printing software, with simple operation, high efficiency, and greatly reduced costs.

Ningbo Ronghua Digital Post Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-quality printing machines for sale, welcome to buy.

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Printing is indispensable in life and work
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