The Forming Stage Of Thin Wall Plastic Mold

With the rise of the communications industry, products are becoming more and more lightweight and convenient. And this requires thin wall plastic mold of thin wall molding technology to achieve.

Corresponding to the plastic shrinkage result is the warpage of the part, which is also due to the different shrinkage of the plastic in the entire cavity. In the injection stage of the plastic, the molten plastic is injected into the mold from the gate under high injection pressure, and its front surface is at or close to atmospheric pressure. When the part is formed, the part that bears high pressure is less deformed than the part that bears low pressure, which will cause the two parts to shrink differently, resulting in warpage. Adopting sufficient holding time and proper part and runner shape can help reduce this shrinkage or warpage.

Like plastic pipe fitting injection mould , thin wall plastic mold also needs to pay attention to the rationality and simplicity of design in terms of design and size.

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The Forming Stage Of Thin Wall Plastic Mold
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