Long-term Pelvic Pain Indicates The Presence Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Many female friends experience pelvic pain for a long period of time, which often indicates the presence of pelvic inflammatory disease

Scar adhesion and pelvic congestion induced by chronic inflammation often result in abdominal swelling, pain and lumbosacral soreness in sufferers. These symptoms are often aggravated by fatigue, long-time standing, sex and menstruation. In serious situations, the illness will affect the sufferers' work and life.

Further, there are other signs of pelvic inflammatory disease that female friends should pay special attention to. If you can notice these problems and get them solved in time, you will avoid more disasters.

1. Sterility and ectopic pregnancy: Tubal adhesion and obstruction can result in sterility and ectopic pregnancy. The incidence of infertility after acute pelvic inflammatory disease is about 27%. And with the development of the illness, the sterility rate is on the rise.

2. Irregular menstruation: There are leucorrhea increase, menstrual disorder, dysmenorrhea, increased blood volume, sexual unhappiness, etc. Pelvic congestion can result in increased menstrual volume. Menstrual disorder can be caused when ovarian function is damaged.

3. Constitutional symptoms: These symptoms are usually not marked, occasionally only low fever and fatigue exist. Because of the long course of the illness, some sufferers have neurasthenia symptoms, such as lack of energy, physical discomfort, insomnia and so on. When sufferers' body resistance is poor, they are prone to acute or sub-acute attacks.

Since pelvic connective tissue is connected to the retroperitoneal connective tissue, pelvic inflammatory disease can reach up and around the kidneys. 

Accordingly, if acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation is untreated well, the inflammation will not only spread to the fallopian tube, pelvic peritoneum and other organs, causing pelvic abscess, but also spread upward, result in abscess around the kidney.

Distinctly, you should get cured in a timely manner if you are suffering from these problems. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a helpful medicine that can help female friends better solve pelvic inflammatory disease and related problems. 

It enables your body to effectively terminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses, relieve painful symptoms, adjust the female menstruation, improve the fertility and the like. It features no side effects or drug resistance, so it is a really safe and efficient option for female health.

Besides, it is recommended that sufferers with pelvic inflammatory disease should have regular work and rest, and don't stay up late. Meanwhile, they are supposed to control the frequency of sexual life lest inflammation be deteriorated.

Also, take notice of personal hygiene, and do a good job of hygiene care during menstruation and postpartum conditioning. They need to choose loose and breathable underwear and high-quality sanitary napkins. 

About the diet, try to keep it light and nutritious. You can eat more spinach, tofu or eggs. Try not to eat raw, cold and stimulating food, and give up smoking and alcohol. When dealing with pelvic inflammatory disease, it will cause the body fever, so you can drink more water to replace the lost water of your body and lower your body temperature.

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Long-term Pelvic Pain Indicates The Presence Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
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