Google Operating System: September 2021

While the 'Virgin' strategy is focused on boutiques s which have not rallied in their entire lifespan, the focus behind my 'Neglect' strategy is on stocks which might have rallied previously some years ago and now are out of favor. Bring out your dead! June and August went from being top performing months to bottom performing months. 1901-1950, August was the best performing month of the year, up 36 times in 49 years (market closed in August 1914 due to World War I) with an average gain of 2.3%. July was the second best month, up 31 of 50 with an average gain of 1.5%. June was fourth best, averaging 0.9%. Why, you may ask. 11 (-0.3% average loss). As it stands right now, the current Dow rally that began in March 2009 (blue dot labeled you are here) would be classified as well below average in both duration and magnitude. But after seeing that it has worked for several years, at some point we stop wondering about the “why” question, and start to accept that there really is something working here. To start this process, I will make the case for why I am an active investor, though I don’t think any you will or should care.

Tom McClellan (May 07, 2015): I do not know why it works to have the EuroDollars COT data shifted forward by a year to see what the SP500 will do. I feel that I will hold Scientex longer than any other stocks in my portfolio currently. In Asia, Chinese tech stocks climbed despite a move by the Trump administration to ban transactions with apps including payments platforms Alipay and WeChat Pay, affiliated with Alibaba and Tencent, respectively. Ordinary Chinese people account for over 5/6ths of all the national stock-market transactions. Farming became more efficient and fewer and fewer people worked on the farm. This problem is exacerbated by the accounting mistreatment of R&D, which makes young tech companies look less profitable than they truly are and old tech companies more profitable. Suddenly, summer was less about the hard work of harvesting crops and more about vacations and relaxing. In a single word, harvesting.

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Google Operating System: September 2021
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