Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is a very popular fitness program in Melbourne, Victoria. It was started by Melissa Young (also known as Melissa Train) back in 2021. She was a stay at home mom that wanted to get healthy and lose weight, so she decided to develop her own fitness program that involved kids. Melissa's main goals were twofold: She wanted to help her son get healthier while at the same time helping her daughter lose a few pounds. Melissa's husband was also a big supporter and trainer and they made for an incredible couple!

The first obstacle was the fact that there was no one available to oversee the training. The training took place at Melissa's home, which meant that all of the responsibilities fell on her shoulders. This could prove difficult when her son developed a fascination with the television and wanted to watch TV all the time. She would have to answer his incessant phone calls, keep track of his progress, and prepare meals for him when he wasn't watching the TV.

After a few months of intense training, Melissa felt great and began planning a trip with her husband to Hawaii for spring break. That's when everything really turned sour. Melissa's training was so intense that her muscles were burning out quickly and she couldn't move as much without feeling pain. At that point, she realized that she had to do something drastic to prevent her from getting injured during the trip. She had to find a program that was designed for busy moms to help her not become overwhelmed during her training. She needed a training program that was going to be easy for her to follow, so that she could maintain a consistent pace throughout her training period.

Train the Trainer was designed to make it easy for busy moms to get fit and stay in shape during the time that they have to care for their children. It uses a tried and true system of alternating repetition with intervals in order to create a sweat generating workout for moms. The trainer course includes instructions on what types of exercises are best to use with children. Some of the exercises that are included are easy enough for most women to do, even without their children at home.

You'll find that there is an entire section dedicated to how to get the most out of your trainer course. There are tips on how to properly accessorize your training and how to make sure that you actually receive the best results from your efforts. In addition, there are suggestions on how to keep motivation high when you are going through the training period. It might be hard to keep enthusiasm up when you are constantly worried about falling behind or getting hurt, but it will be impossible to stay motivated when you don't even know where you are going! This section explains why having a trainer is so important for a woman to achieve her fitness goals.

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