What Vitamins Are Helpful For Chronic Prostatitis?

Generally, male infertility is associated with poor or inactive sperm in males. When chronic prostatitis emerges, the decrease of seminal plasma secretion will occur, which is not beneficial to the survival and activity of sperm. 

On the flip side, the amount of seminal plasma increases occasionally, which reduces sperm density, dilutes sperm, and affects fertility. The following vitamins are beneficial to the male sperm health.

Vitamin A


The main function of vitamin A is to promote protein synthesis. The deficiency of Vitamin A can influence the production of spermatocytes in the testicle, the degeneration of vas deferens epithelium, the decrease of testis weight, the decrease of seminal vesicle plus the keratinization of the prostate gland. Vitamin A not only lies in the tissues of animals, but also in the yolk, milk, cream, cod liver oil, and liver of animals.


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in men and can positively impact physical health and sperm motility. Studies have proven that men who supplement zinc and vitamin B at the same time have a about 75% increase in the number of healthy sperm they produce, though most of them are still unsuccessful in getting their sexual partners conceived.

Vitamin C


The function of vitamin C is to reduce the agglutination of sperm, which is conducive to the semen liquefaction. Genetically, the DNA in sperm cells is protected by the antioxidant function of vitamin C. In the event that the genetic gene is destroyed, the fertilization capacity of sperm will be weakened and infertility will emerge. Recommended foods include fresh vegetables such as green vegetables, leeks, spinach, pepper, and so on, as well as fresh fruits such as apple, red dates, orange, hawthorn, kiwifruit, and so on.

Vitamin E


This is a significant antioxidant, which is very important to eliminate toxins and resist free radicals in the body. They are likewise useful for sperm health. Vitamin E can regulate gonad and prolong sperm life. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, improve the motility of capillaries, particularly in the genital area, improve sexual desire, and increase sperm production.


The foods rich in vitamin E include sesame, milk, eggs, peanuts, lettuce, walnut, lean meat, and so on. What’s more, foods like soybean, peanut, walnut, animal liver, yolk, cream, melon seeds, corn and yellow, green vegetables are also rich in vitamin E.

The above vitamins do have a good auxiliary treatment effect on male infertility caused by chronic prostatitis. Besides a healthy and sufficient diet, medication is likewise indispensable if you want to get fully cured. 

The good news is that the traditional Chinese natural remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended, which not only can effectively treat chronic prostatitis, but also leads to no side effects or drug resistance. It has been widely used around the world for patients with urogenital problems.

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What Vitamins Are Helpful For Chronic Prostatitis?
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