What is good protein powder for vegetarian?

It depends on what things you look for in a vegan protein powder.

For me, a good vegan protein powder is one which is made of pure organic and healthy, plant-based ingredients (as I do not prefer soy) and tastes good enough.

In the past year or so, I have tried multiple protein powder brands, most of which disappointed me, except for Vegan Pro from Raw Nutritional.

Vegan Pro is the best-tasting vegan protein powder I have used to date. It contains yellow pea isolate and flax seeds as the primary sources of protein. The best thing is that all the ingredients are purely organic and the powder itself is made in an organic manner. It uses organic coconut sugar to naturally adding a tasty appeal. Moreover, the powder is available in four interesting flavors - chocolate, maple-vanilla, coffee-wafers, and butterscotch, of which chocolate one is my favorite. They taste great by the way and have a great aftertaste.

And don’t worry, all the flavors are added through natural, organic ingredients. For instance, the chocolate flavor of vegan pro comes from natural 100% pure cacao powder.

Each scoop of Vegan Pro gives me about 20 g of protein which is more than enough to keep me energized for the whole day.

I strongly recommend this vegan protein powder to everyone looking to weight loss and build lean muscle mass.

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What is good protein powder for vegetarian?
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