Colonoscopy Drinks Name

Colonoscopy Tea - The ingredients in this popular beverage are not scientifically proven to be effective at cleaning the colon, but some people drink it for its pleasant taste. Many of the teas contain antioxidants that boost the immune system and boost bowel movements. You can find colonoscopy tea in stores or on the Internet. You can make your own by combining one teaspoon of dried fruits and one cup of water.

Diet - If you are not on a liquid diet, you may want to consider switching to an increased fibre diet. Fibre helps the digestive process by binding to waste and increases the amount of time it takes to pass stool. By increasing your water intake, you will also be able to have regular bowel movements. A good rule of thumb is to drink one to two glasses of water per day for at least a week before the colonoscopy. In addition to making sure you drink enough water, be sure to eat enough vegetables and fruit. This will also aid in the process of colonoscopy.

- Coffee is something many people love to have on their morning jog. Unfortunately, too much coffee intake can cause a person to wake up groggy and sometimes even drowsy. That is why coffee should only be consumed in moderation - one cup per hour. Of course, like most things, moderation does not mean coffee will make you less sleepy, only less awake.

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Colonoscopy Drinks Name
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