Ronghua Digital digital printing machine product introduction

Ningbo Ronghua Ditial Post Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of digital printing machines. This product is very popular with consumers in the market, so let's take a look at it in detail below.

Basic Information:

Applicable objects: label printing, personalized printing.

Scope of application: Printing on the surface of various substrates such as paper, film, metal foil, and stickers.

Main features: For printing high-quality products, the maximum speed can reach 75 m/min. 5-color UV digital inkjet (standard four-color, white), can realize personalized printing on paper, film and other materials. This machine can realize various work units such as inline offset printing, flexo printing unit, cold foiling, and die cutting. This multifunctional design is the best investment solution for digital printing on the market.

Product Highlights:

1. Advanced color inkjet printing control system:

Using industry-leading on-demand piezoelectric grayscale print heads, with advanced screening and RIP technology and an excellent color management system, the printed product images are exquisite and the text is clear.

2. Modular design and flexible configuration:

The print head module and each control unit adopt a modular design, and the print width is from 54mm to 432mm(). CMYK four colors and spot colors provide a complete solution for label printing. The flexible configuration of width and color group ensures different label printing. Production demand.

3. Diversity of printing materials:

Using environmentally friendly, non-toxic UV ink, it can be printed on the surface of various paper, film and tin foil substrates. It is cured and shaped at one time, and the printing quality is stable, which meets the new needs of green and environmentally friendly label printing.

4. Stable printing tension to achieve precise registration:

Using an excellent closed-loop servo control system, the printing tension is stable, combined with a precise mechanical positioning mechanism and advanced electrical positioning control, the registration accuracy of printed products reaches ±0.05mm

5. Product quality is reliable and stable operation:

The company has many years of experience in R&D and production of printing machines. The products are of reliable quality, durable, easy to operate, low printing costs, and good after-sales service.

For details, please consult: printing machines for sale.

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Ronghua Digital digital printing machine product introduction
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