Spotlight Company Introduces The Use Characteristics Of Stage Spotlights

Spotlight Company Introduces The Role Of Stage Spotlights

Spotlight Company Introduces the spotlight used on the stage refers to the use of a plano-convex condenser in front of the lamp. This kind of lamp can adjust the size of the spot, the beam of music is more concentrated, and the diffused light next to it is relatively small. The power is from 0.5W to 5KW. The focal length is divided into long, medium, and short, and the viewing distance is selected according to the needs.

The role of stage lighting in modern stage performances mainly includes lighting performances, guiding the audience's sight, shaping the image of characters, setting off the stage atmosphere and showing stage illusions, shaping the space environment needed in the play, rendering the atmosphere in the play, showing the transformation of time and space, and highlighting the play Contradictions and conflicts intensify the rhythm of the stage and enrich the artistic appeal.

Through the above introduction, Spotlight Supplier From China hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Spotlight Company Introduces The Use Characteristics Of Stage Spotlights
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