Prostate Health: Stay Away From The Irritation Caused By Spicy Food, Alcohol And Cigarette

Life is all about why. 

As for your prostate health, 

Why did prostatitis occur?

Why did you fail to treat it?

Why did it relapse over and over?


When you are confused and depressed about prostatitis, you should stop complaining about your therapy or your doctor. Why not think of what you always eat?

A closed mouth catches no flies. 

While an opened mouth... I think you can get it.

As to sufferers with with prostatitis, please stay away from the Irritation caused by spicy food, alcohol And cigarette.

Spicy food like onion, ginger, chili and pepper can lead to blood vessels dilating and induce organ congestion. The impact of spicy food on prostate gland can not be sneezed at, which likewise give rise to repeated attacks of prostatitis.

Besides, as drinkers all know, white wine can be very hot and spicy, and beer can likewise invite drunkenness. 

The irritation of alcohol is no less than that of spicy food, and excessive drinking is even more likely to give rise to prostatic congestion and edema. 

And due to drinking and sitting for a long time, it will further deteriorate the congestion, leading to chronic symptoms, namely chronic prostatitis.

Further, people know smoking is adverse to body health, but there are still many males who can't help smoking. 

Harmful substances in the cigarette, including nicotine and tar, can seriously damage the prostate tissue over time, and manage to impact the nerve function of blood vessel, interfere with the blood circulation in prostate gland, thereby deteriorating the prostatic congestion.

You ought to avoid these things, particularly when dealing with prostatitis.

A small number of sufferers taking the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to deal with chronic prostatitis complained that they did not heal. 

Once asked, we just found they did not have a proper daily diet. 

During the therapy, they were more or less exposed to the irritation of these foods, leading to the diseases’ rebound and deterioration, pretty undesirable.

What are suggested to eat?

Generally, sufferers with prostatitis need to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, coarse grain and soybean products. 

Eat more seed foods regularly, which include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

Also, Supplementing adequate water can dilute your urine and avoid urinary infections and bladder stones from forming. Drink more water, so easy, but also essential. Just do so for good.

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Prostate Health: Stay Away From The Irritation Caused By Spicy Food, Alcohol And Cigarette
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