If you want a clean bathroom, you can do this

Integral bathroom washbasin cabinet is a kind of bathroom furniture made by the overall design of basin, faucet, mirror, etc. It is a landscape of modern bathroom trends. However, in addition to meeting people's needs, the overall bathroom cabinet also has its shortcomings, because every item cannot be completely perfect. Therefore, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the overall bathroom cabinet.

The advantages of the overall bathroom cabinet

1. The overall bathroom cabinet obviously surpasses the traditional bathroom cabinet in a sense and its integrated feature integrates every part of the bathroom space.

2. The whole of the integral bathroom cabinet is mainly because its molded chassis is integral, which is waterproof and leakproof.

3. The integral bathroom cabinet realizes the integration of basins, faucets, mirrors, etc. into an overall environment in a limited space. All supporting products are supplied by a single unit, which is convenient for users to maintain in the future.

4. The bathroom facilities of the overall bathroom cabinet have no dead-angle structure and are easy to clean.

5. The storage is neat and tidy. The whole bathroom cabinet integrates the washbasin and other furniture into one and can put fragmentary daily necessities to make the bathroom look neat and clean.

6. The overall effect is good. Compared with the traditional bathroom cabinet, the overall bathroom cabinet has higher-grade materials, a more compact layout, and a more integrated design. It not only looks beautiful but also is easy to install.

Disadvantages of the overall bathroom cabinet

1. The positioning and style of all kinds of sanitary products must be consistent, otherwise, it will lead to nondescript style;

2. There are many types of overall bathroom cabinet products, and it is necessary to set up a clear division of labor to ensure that the products are delivered on time;

3. The price of the overall bathroom cabinet is also difficult to "popularize".

If you think the overall bathroom cabinet price is too high, then the wash basin bathroom cabinet is also a good choice.E1929B-4.jpg

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If you want a clean bathroom, you can do this
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